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Nowadays you have to search in too many platforms to find a game that suits you. And most of the time it is not easy neither fast to find one.

With videogames just a console and a couch will do. Easy enough!

We need a Game Master willing to prepare and run an adventure, a group of players willing to commit to the game, an online or physical place to meet and a schedule that fits the whole group.


How can me make this easier?
Spoiler: We tell you down below!

C U S T O M I Z E   Y O U R
Do you want to role-play but can’t find someone to play with? That’s over! Download Critical Match and meet players like you. Join our community!

F I N D   Y O U R
Play whenever you feel like it. Create or search for a table that fits your requirements and start playing now! Configure your preferences to play online or face-to-face. Share an exciting adventure and make new friends.

F O L L O W   Y O U R   F A V
Critical Match wants to be part of the growing TTRPG community. We want to spread the happiness that this hobby brings to players and fans around the world. 

M A N A G E   Y O U R
Your privacy and security matters! Set your security parameters and remember: your game, your rules.



Borja Sánchez, CEO at Critical Match

Borja Sánchez 

I am the kind of DM that sends audios and videos to bring inmersion at the adventure. For me, connecting with the table outside of it’s game hours is very important. When we started creating Critical Match I wanted it to be part of the community, so we can build an off-line connection between players. There is a lot to do, but the team will do everything to create what the ttrpg community has been asking for years.

Julio Martínez
Software Engineer

I started running role-playing games in person for friends who never tried role-playing before, but it didn’t work out well. After that I tried the online format and discovered a wonderful community behind it. I wondered why there was not yet an app that allowed to connect players face-to-face with the same ease as accessing a Discord server to play online. After that I observed in social networks that the community was asking to have an app to connect DMs with players, so I thought “Why not me?” With my skills as a computer programmer I had the ability to translate the idea into a real code.

Héctor Marchesi 
UX & UI Graphic Designer

As a designer my everyday work is to find solutions to (un)identified people’s problems. When the COVID pandemic first hit a question pop into my head: How is the people going to play online? There are platforms, but not apps. And save from some examples the UX and UI are rough at best. And this started a whole new series of questions: How many people will start playing virtually? How many people will start connecting overseas, applying to a table in US from, lets say, Italy? How many people want to play with their favourite DM, who promotes its games across the world? Now, we are working on Critical Match to make this a reality.

Hugo Barzano
Software Engineer

Technology has changed our entire life and now, developing this project we have the chance, opening a window to the RPG community… a window for the incoming machine uprising!!!

Juan Grenner
Software Engineer

Building apps has always motivated me. And when I saw the opportunity to create not only a great product, but something that will solve the needs of thousands and even millions of role players around the world, I was very tempted to join the journey and so I did. My team and I will work hard in serving the best user experience, using state of the art technologies to bring an awesome application to life.


We are five friends who love TTRPGs and we have the same problem as you have. Due to our job and responsabilities, it is really difficult to find the right people to play with. Once you find them, it might be even harder to schedule a session.

On Telegram we couldn’t read the LokingForGames messages on time and we missed so many opportunities. Many times we found sessions on Discord, but we couldn’t match our schedules. Once we found a game that fitted everybody’s needs some players wanted to play on Mirrorscape, but we’d rather use Roll20.

Who hasn’t seen an Instagram story of someone saying that another player was Iooking for a game in his/her city? (breathing with anxiety)

We have one of the best communities in the world but we still have difficulties finding each other. That is why Critical Match exists. We want to create a safe pIace where it is easy to interact and share the same passion for TTRPGs, fantasy and science-fiction, so we decided to create this app.

The project started when the whole team feIt the need to create the same thing: an app that helps the community finding role-playing games online or face-to-face, the closer the better. 

Since then, we’ve been working endlessly (you should see our Telegram chat on Sunday at 3:00am) interviewing role-players, researching and developing what the community is waiting for. We heard you, and we will deliver.


C O M E   A N D   J O I N   U S   O N