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Development Changelog – Sprint Q4_S4

Week of 07/11/2022

  • Backend features: Follow and unfollow user. Pending to integrate these functions in the app itself.
  • Updatable user information in the app: name, profile picture, bio, social link and background image.
  • Creation and testing screen loading animations.
  • Update of the website: direct access to Discord, consultation of all our interviews in the RPG channels and description of our latest member: Andrés Carabantes.
Profile edition

Week of 14/11/2022

  • Backend: permissible access control. We now have a way to differentiate between different subscription levels.
  • Getting rid of dummy data in the mockup: now the real players in the system are visible in the table information.
  • Image gallery management. Custom images can now be uploaded to our system to be used as profile background and background image for the tables.
  • Starting to play with the search engine.
Navigation throw user tables

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