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Q: What is Critical Match?

A: Critical Match is a project that emerged in response to a need expressed by the role-playing community. We aim to build a mobile and web application that brings together Game Masters and players from around the world, both online and in-person. Do you want to play a game system or module that you haven’t been able to try yet, but don’t have a group to play with? Would you like to form a gaming group but don’t know anyone in your area to share great moments at the table? Perhaps this project is the solution you’ve been waiting for!


Q: In which languages is the App translated?

A: The app is available in English and Spanish. Additional languages will be included in the future. If you want to help us expand the languages, you can write to


Q: Is the App free?

A: Yes, the App can be accessed for free.


Q: Which platforms will it be available for?

A: It will be initially available for Android and iOS in mobile format. Additionally, work is being done on an adaptation for web and tablets.


Q: Where can I download Critical Match?





Q: What security mechanisms does the App have?


  • Option to establish safe spaces at the gaming tables (LGBTI+ Space, Female-only, etc.)
  • Option to include security tools such as “X Card,” Lines and Veils, etc.
  • Creation of private tables accessible only through an invitation link.
  • User reporting system for situations of harassment, abuse, etc., which may result in blocking and expulsion from the App as determined by our moderation team.
  • Lock profile to prevent direct messages and sharing additional information with strangers.

Q: How does each Game Master choose their party?

A: Users can request access to the table they are interested in at any time by swiping the card to the right or entering from the details of the table. The Game Master will see these requests in an interested queue and will need to approve their admission (after reviewing their profile or talking to them).

Q: How can I find a gaming table that suits my needs?

A: The search feature has a powerful filter that you can use to find the table that best suits you. You can filter by available days and time slots, physical location, favorite VTT system, game system, number of players, language, specific hashtags, etc.


Q: Will the App be used for anything other than finding people to play role-playing games?

A: Yes, in the future, you will also be able to create an adventure journal with material associated with the role-playing table, such as character sheets, items, map images, session summaries, etc. This can be visible to people who join to observe your table.


Q: Does it have integrated chat?

A: Yes, it has a group chat (table chat), and you can also send direct messages to other users on the platform. This way, you can avoid sharing confidential information like phone numbers.


Q: Is there an easy way to remember when it’s my turn to play?

A: Yes, the App will notify you on your device when the role-playing session is about to start, so there will be no more forgetting.


Q: If I have a company or association with Game Masters under my responsibility, can I use the App to organize the sessions?

A: Absolutely. Table creators can create tables from their profiles and add you as an admin of the table. All your followers will be able to see those tables on your profile and will also be notified of the new table (unless it is private).


Q: Can I use the App to organize tables for an event?

A: Yes, you can allow Game Masters to create tables using your event’s hashtags or images and share the private link with the admins of your event. We also plan to include communities in the App. More information about communities will be available soon.


Q: Can I be a Professional Game Master?

A: Yes. Tables will have the option for Game Masters to charge for their sessions, and payments can be managed directly through the App.


Q: Can I use the App as the sole platform for playing role-playing games?

A: You can use the integrated chat and dice roller with the other players. If these options are sufficient for your group, you can play without the need for another external platform.


Q: Are there mechanisms to know if a user or Game Master fits my table?

A: Soon, users will earn achievements as they sign up to play or run role-playing tables. These achievements will be related to systems, themes, and feedback from their tablemates, allowing you to get an idea of their preferences and playstyle by simply looking at the achievements on their profile.


Q: How will the App be funded?

A: The App is funded through internal advertising.