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Subscription & Financing (3)

Yes, tables will have the option for the Game Master to charge per session, and payments can be managed directly through the App. Critical Match will not receive any benefit for any of these operations, although additional charges generated by the payment platforms themselves may apply.

The App will have 3 subscription models: one free, and two paid models. The features available for the paid subscription levels will be adjusted to cover the cost of the features in order to make a profit. Users with the free subscription model will have built-in advertisements, which will help generate the revenue to support the cost of the services. This is all, the company will not receive any profit for creating pay tables.

Yes, the App will be available for free. Free users will have a limit to play on 3 tables at the same time, as well as integrated ads. Higher subscription levels will unlock these limits as well as add customizations and other extra features.